JSolar to Supply Wind Rider III for the 2022 Largest Solar Tracker Project in China

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On Aug. 26th, 2022, JSolar has been awarded a contract to supply its solar trackers ‘Windrider III’ for Shanghai Investigation,Design & Research Institure Co.,Ltd. to Qinghai project.




JSolar’s trackers are scheduled to begin deliveries in the end of 2022 with project completion planned for the end of 2023. The project site will be located at Qinghai province, China. The total capacity of this project is 1GW, all of which are using solar trackers, and is 2022 largest solar tracker farm in terms of single-unit capacity.


"Wind Rider III" used in this project adopts multi-point drive, electrical synchronization, slope adjustment, intelligent algorithm, remote monitoring, etc., which greatly improves the system reliability and power generation. 





The successful bid of the project is recognition of the overall strength of JSolar. ‘We are very proud of supplying trackers to this national project, the completion of this project will further improve energy efficiency, increasesthe share of non-fossil energy consumption, lower CO2 emissions and help realizing carbon peaking and carbon neutrality goals.

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