402MW! JSOLAR won the big base project again

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Recently, the company won the tender of Yellow River Hydropower Qinghai base horizontal single-axis tracker project, the project all use JSOLAR's "Royal Wind III" horizontal single-axis tracker, this is the fourth big base project which JSOLAR won after the Three Gorges Shanghai Institute, TBEA and CEC Qinghai base project.

The project is located in Tala Tan, Hainan Province, Qinghai Province, and will realize long-distance and large-scale transmission of new energy after completion, laying a solid foundation for widening the channel of "west-east power transmission" and helping east-central-west carbon reduction collaboration. At the same time, as a national strategy, the big base project is of great significance to improve energy structure, protect ecological environment, realize sustainable economic and social development and achieve carbon neutral carbon peak.

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